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CPPR MindTEXT ADR Livelihood Freedom Civitas
 About Us
Digital RTI Mission is an initiative of Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) creating an information portal wherein visitors can access information acquired through RTI Act. The website intends to create a common platform, thereby reducing the replication of application process, which not only turns out to be a waste of resources but also becomes a burden on the state exchequer. Launched in February 2010, the website has the potential to become a one-stop shop for all government-held information in India, serving as a tool that can be used by both the seekers and holders of information.

Using this platform, we intend to create a portal wherein maximum information can be accessed with minimum effort, thereby fostering a system of participatory governance With such a database available close at hand, though currently restricted to the computer-using population, it not only gives people an understanding of the workings of the government, but also automatically increases the efficiency of public officers.
What is RTI?

Right to Information (RTI) is a fundamental right to know and have an understanding of the government and its process. As a citizen of the country, everyone has the right to know how and in what manner does the government function or serve the people. The following Right stems from Article 19(1) of the Indian Constitution which provides that every citizen has the freedom of speech and expression. With the enactment of the Right to Information Act, 2005 every citizen has been given the statutory right to :

  • Ask any questions from the Government or seek any information
  • Take copies of any government documents
  • Inspect any government documents
  • Inspect any Government works
  • Take samples of materials of any Government work

What is the RTI Act all about? Click here for a better understanding of RTI Act…

RTI ACT 2005

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How do you apply for an RTI?
CPPR MindTEXT ADR Livelihood Freedom Civitas
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